GPD Pocket 2 Typing Test

GPD Pocket 2 Typing Test

I've been meaning to do a typing test on the GPD Pocket 2, and today finally had a moment to sit down, set up the camera, and try. The results will likely not surprise anyone, but it's always handy to be able to see not just what the somewhat arbitrary results of an online typing test are, but what it looks like to type on such a small keyboard.

While I am in no way a great typist, I hope this simple video can help you put the GPD Pocket 2's keyboard in context, and perhaps it might help you imagine what typing on it might be like, and help you decide whether or not this device can suit your specific needs.

As a bonus of sorts, I put a comparison video at the end of me doing the same test on my desktop, using a Mattias Laptop Pro keyboard.

If you would like to try the same exact test yourself, you can find it right here.

GPD Pocket 2 Typing Test video on PeerTube


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