Introduction, VLANs & pfSense — Learn With Me Ep.1

Introduction, VLANs & pfSense — Learn With Me Ep.1

A little something else.

I have been exploring and learning about networks, servers and everything related in my free time to broaden my skillset and because it's an interesting topic to me. For many of these things I start off having no clue where to begin or what to do. While there are many great tutorials out there, I thought it might also be interesting to watch me as I (try to) figure things out, potentially learning what not to do from me in the process.

Hopefully these videos or series will result in whatever I set out to do to actually work, and if they do, I’ll make sure to accompany them with blog posts detailing the right steps to take to achieve a similar goal. These videos are not really meant as a tutorial you follow, but merely something you turn on (perhaps in the background) to get a general sense of things, then when it comes to actually implementing this yourself, the blog posts will hopefully be useful, and will let you read at your own pace.

Please let me know what you think. While I enjoy watching people learn or experiment with new things, I am not sure if there are other out there who enjoy this vlog-type talking-a-lot style videos. Please do let me know what your thoughts are, or if you have any suggestions, recommendations or other feedback.

Thank you, and enjoy :).

Learn With Me Ep.1: Introduction, VLANs & pfSense on PeerTube

A small note; Unfortunately I had not thought of the vibrations my computer causes ending up in the recording, so there is a slight hum in the background. I apologize for this, I should've set up the microphone on a different surface. Whoops!