Configuring VLANs and spinning up pfSense — Learn With Me Ep.3

As it turns out, preparing to emigrate (back?), leaving the company I co-founded, and starting the search for my next work opportunity takes up quite a bit of time. So episode three ended up taking quite a bit longer to complete than I anticipated. Whoops. Sorry about that.

But, fortunately, here we are. And what a video it is! Just over fifteen minutes worth of densely packed tomfoolery with a dash of whoopsydaisies, all for the sake of self-betterment. If you have enjoyed the first two episodes, I invite you to jump in on the third one where we conclude the first "season's" topic; Setting up VLANs, and running pfSense in a virtual machine for one of the two VLANs.

Learn With Me Episode 3 video on YouTube
Dave Jansen

Dave Jansen

South Korea