Life and Loss / Watch Me Play

Life and Loss / Watch Me Play

When after years I brought back my blog I wanted to do so to be able to share "technical stuff" that you might find useful. From little snippets, howtos, scripts et al that I've had to write, find, or figure out, to sharing more general findings based on the tools, services, or devices that I have used.

If it's a question I've had to ask and couldn't find an (exact, up-to-date, complete, or at times just understandable) answer to, I want to share it here. So that maybe you might not end up spending as much time searching for or pondering over it as I had to. Or for me to check my own blog when I forgot how to do this one thing again.

Because I –like most other senior, junior and everything-in-between nerdy folk– still need to DuckDuckGo the answer to that thing we know, but keep forgetting how to do exactly. Or maybe that's just me.

I too wanted to revive my blog as I simply missed writing. Even though my writing is nothing to write home about (ha!), I do enjoy doing it. This blog is part of my playground. A place where I can write some nerdy stuff on databases without boring my wife with it. Or accidentally make my non-technical friends suffer through an enthusiastic rant on how I cleaned old game cartridges. Or something.

Anyone who stumbled upon this blog through a possibly desperate search query may end up finding what they were looking for here (if so, yay! mission accomplished!), and then likely move on. Whatever quirky stuff I post in-between these hypothetical solutions won't be in the way for most everyone. It'll just be there waiting for anyone who might search for it one day, or exist as just something that is.

Last year was a challenging year for many, what with a still on-going global pandemic and all that came with it. Last year certainly asked a lot of me, having taken away something unmistakably irreplaceable. It's the kind of thing that leaves a large hole behind that will never get fully filled up again, but you'll have to try anyway.

It's something that I'm working on giving a "place," which certainly needs and deserves time. Some days are easier. Some days the quietness is deafeningly loud. This is something that will probably ring familiar to anyone who has experienced loss.

Between the multiple of jobs I held at the same time last year, and my personal project I've been trying to finish in-between this all, and to having to fly back to my home country twice in quick succession for goodbyes –on time and too late, both– time has a tendency to run by. Hair has a tendency of thinning out when your mind is not given enough rest.

And so, in 2021 I want to spend some time actually resting. For myself. I need it. From removing things or places that encourage stress and pain, to just finally getting to do a few things I've had on my to-do list since forever ago, to even just having days where I don't actually work. Balance is the keyword of 2021 for me.

As silly as it may sound, that's what the Win Max is for, too. Something that will encourage and help me to have a what my wife and I call a "bag of salt" day. That's the kind of day where we, for example, sit on the couch together, each doing our own thing. Neither of which is anything even remotely related to work, chores, or something else that could otherwise be considered productive, and that's the point.

The kind of pajama day that justifiably ends with a delivered pizza.

This was not a thing we really did. And while it certainly won't be something we'll do or even want to do every day, it should certainly happen a bit more frequently than "never."

And, just like those days will not be a common thing, so too will this kind of message not be a common one. I hope you'll forgive my deviation from the usual content you can find here.

Just like bugs and other technical woes, life, too, is filled with surprises. And not all of them are nice ones. The journey continues. Relentlessly. Beautifully. Quietly.

Thank you.