Dream: Macbook Nano

Dream: Macbook Nano

My attempts at getting macOS running on the ultra-portable GPD Pocket 2 have not yielded the results I’m looking for so far, which is very unfortunate. I’m keeping my fingers crossed I (or someone else) will figure it out sooner or later.

Update: There's been some amazing progress, and you can now actually get macOS to run with proper hardware acceleration on the Pocket 2! There's still a few missing features like proper sleep mode and built-in WiFi will never work, but we're so much closer to having a proper Macbook Nano than ever before. Check out my Github repo with all the relevant information and files gathered. I'm more than happy to accept pull requests that help fix the last few remaining issues, something I have not been able to get to myself.
The GPD Pocket 2 running macOS Mojave in a virtual machine using VMware Player 

For now, here’s macOS 10.14 Mojave running as a virtual machine in VMware Workstation Player on Ubuntu 18.10. It actually works pretty well, but not nearly as fast/smooth as a “native” Hackintosh would of course.

Still, would you look at that. It’s made for this.

Ubuntu's system monitor on top of macOS running full-screen.


GPD Pocket 2