My attempts at getting macOS running on the ultra-portable GPD Pocket 2 have not yielded the results I’m looking for so far, which is very unfortunate. I’m keeping my fingers crossed I (or someone else) will figure it out sooner or later.

Update: We're many months later now and, unfortunately, no progress has been made. My attempts have failed thus far. There might be some slight new hope with the upcoming GPD P2 Max sharing a lot of the same specs and it has somewhat reinvigorated community interest in making it work as a Hackintosh.

For now I have created a Reddit post where I have also shared my EFI folder as it is right now. In this folder I have effectively two versions of a clover config file; one where the iGPU "works" —as in, it's properly recognized by macOS and hardware acceleration is enabled— but the internal display does not, and one where the internal display works but there is no hardware acceleration whatsoever.  So, not very far.

If you are at all interested in having either the Pocket 2 or P2 Max end up being Hackintoshable and have experience with creating Hackintoshes with some more tricky hardware configurations, it would be fantastic if you could check out the reddit post and perhaps be the key to having a truly pocketable macOS device.
The GPD Pocket 2 running macOS Mojave in a virtual machine using VMware Player 

For now, here’s macOS 10.14 Mojave running as a virtual machine in VMware Workstation Player on Ubuntu 18.10. It actually works pretty well, but not nearly as fast/smooth as a “native” Hackintosh would of course.

Still, would you look at that. It’s made for this.

Ubuntu's system monitor on top of macOS running full-screen.