Native Bluetooth and WiFi on a Hackintosh

Native Bluetooth and WiFi on a Hackintosh

Today I'm installing a WTXUP TX-AC94360 PCIe card, which has a Broadcom BCM94360CD chip, for native Bluetooth and WiFi support on the Hackintosh I built not too long ago for home work usage.

The process is easy enough, and this particular card is natively supported by macOS, so it works right away. The result is that I'm able to use my Mattias Laptop Pro and Apple Magic Touchpad 2 from boot —even in the Clover boot selector— as this card supports hardware pairing, as supposed to the software pairing that is usually used with those USB sticks.

If you'd like to get this same part, I purchased it via eBay from this seller.

Note: I'm not affiliated with this store and the link is also not an affiliated link. I bought it with my own money. I've just shared the link for others who might need a similar solution.

Handoff is supported with this card
And AirDrop works too, of course.