Video: Replacing the battery of a SNES game, or; Can I (Still) Solder?

It's been forever since I last soldered something, so when I planned to replace the battery of my Donkey Kong 2 SF cart, I wasn't sure if I would be able to do an adequate job. Naturally I decided to grab the camera and record the process, not to show you exactly how it's done, but to capture the “journey”, the possible (probably.) mistakes made, and ultimately how difficult it really is (it isn't, fortunately). And just for a bit of fun, really.

I thought it would be nice to turn this video into a little more than just a capture of the solder bits, so I hope you'll sit back and enjoy this memory. There's no loud noises or background sounds, so you can keep playing your favorite tunes, or perhaps put on your headphones and enjoy the quiet sound effects.

The part number of the battery holder I used is S8421-45R, and I’m using the often used Panasonic branded CR2032 batteries.

I hope you’ll enjoy this small break from whatever else you’re doing today.

Dave Jansen

Dave Jansen

South Korea