Server Padding

Server Padding

Due to part luck and part perseverance from a colleague I somewhat quickly ended up with several servers. My original plan was to purchase just the one, but these things have a way of going in different routes, so four(-ish) servers later, I now have a small stack of nerd-slabs sitting in a corner of my house.

As I have not yet been able to find a good enough rack for my needs, I have been simply stacking them up on top of an old kitchen counter top, which itself is raised off of the ground by two layers of bricks. I have gone decidedly DIY on this approach, but I would prefer to keep it simple until I find a good enough rack option, and this is what I had available to me.

Crash ยท Shock Mitigation!!

A while ago I stumbled upon something Homeplus (a local large mart) that basically amounts to rubber strips meant for shock-proofing.. something. I thought that these would be a great fit for placing under the servers to separate them from one another, and perhaps reduce vibrations a bit, although I'm not really all that concerned about that. I went ahead and brought two of these rolls back and went to work cutting them up.

They're shaped like six hollow tubes attached to one another, with one side fully flat.
Four stacks of four pieces each, that should be enough.

Installation was, as you'd expect, very easy. I simply put down four of these strips (flat part facing down), and put a server on top of it. The result is a small but noticable gap between each server, and because each strip isn't very wide nor long, a lot of surface area of each server is exposed to air, which if anything, shouldn't hurt them.

There's about a half a millimeter gap now.
The full stack.