Video: Speed Box S Unboxing, Review & Motor hum Reduction Test

I had purchased the Speed Box S in an attempt to reduce the very noticeable hum that comes from Pro-Ject's record player motor. As an added bonus it would, as the product name implies, also be easier for me to put on a 45rpm record, as it saves me from having to physically move the rubber band. Fortunately it achieved both, reducing the hum substantially. It's virtually silent now at 33rpm and much softer than it was before at 45rpm.

The video is a bit longer as I experimented with narration (a first for me), and included an unedited unboxing segment as I kind of enjoyed the soft sounds. It has an ASMR-esque feel to it, if that makes sense.

(Spoiler: It worked.)

This video was originally made and uploaded around October 2017.

Dave Jansen

Dave Jansen

South Korea